Hi, I’m Pio, a data scientist and a PhD student in the Behavioral Data Science Lab at the University of Technology Sydney. ✌️

Though I’m an applied mathematician by training, I’m mostly interested in working in areas that aren’t conventionally numerical at first glance. I am fascinated by Computational Social Science, an area which tries to marry computational techniques and the study of human-related phenomena.

My first job was at university when I was still taking up my Masters in Applied Math. I worked as a research assistant in a study where we modeled the response of the human body to exercise 🏃‍♂..

After graduating, I joined Ayannah, a local fintech 📈 startup. As their first data scientist hire, I acted as the de-facto Head of Data Science and had the job of setting the company’s analytics direction. I conceptualized various projects with the end goal of understanding the existing customer base of the company.

Soon after I became interested in text analytics and decided to focus on that area. I joined Neuro Flash, a German neuromarketing-AI 🧠 startup, where we help brands optimize their marketing campaigns to be on-point and on-brand using an interesting mix of NLP, Image Analytics, and Machine Learning.

I work mostly in Python for full-stack data science: data wrangling, data viz, model building, and API development. Check out the Data and Travel tabs to see some cool viz!

Aside from data science, I love to explore new places, both real and virtual… but due to the coronavirus situation, recently more of the latter.

My last adventure was a two-month digital nomad trip through Chiang Mai, India and Bali during the first quarter of 2020. I’m on a mission to travel the 🌍. I’ll write about my adventures when I have the time.

Ghats of Varanasi, captured during my trip to India. Feb 2020.